1. When parts are difficult to disassemble

After you have finished juicing, continue to run the juicer for an additional 10 seconds to ensure that all food has been properly processed and is not stuck anywhere in the Auger.

Allow the juicer to cool down after an extended period of use before disassembling the Juice Squeezer from the Juicing Body. 

2. Juicer turned off in the middle of juicing

Our juicer also has a self-protection function that will automatically shut down to protect the motor from overheating.  

Do not operate the juicer for more than 12 minutes at a time when juicing at a rapid rate or with firm pressure. Allow the motor to rest for 30 – 45 minutes and wait for the motor to cool down between each use to prolong the service life of the appliance.

3. Juicer is stuck and not operating

If the juicer is stuck and not operating properly, try the following steps!

  • Turn the power switch to “OFF” position.
  • Pull out the power plug
  • Plug in the power supply again after waiting for a few minutes
  • Turn the power switch to “REV” position and hold it for a few seconds
  • Try operating the juicer again

If the reverse function is not working, please contact our customer service so that we can help you find a solution.

4. Accessories are stained, damaged, or rusted

Our accessories are made of high-quality and food-grade materials. However, citrus fruits and vegetables such as carrots (with strong carotene) contain acids and strong coloring that may stick to the surfaces of our accessories, hence, they may be difficult to clean over time.

To prevent this, you should avoid squeezing large amounts of acidic fruits at one time. Remember to always soak and/ or wash immediately after use.

For carrots and other hard vegetables or fruits, cut them into smaller pieces before putting them into the juicer. In this way, you can extract more juices and prevent food from being too hard, which can cause damage to the juicer accessories and shorten the juicer’s service life.

To prevent rusting of accessories or parts from getting stuck, you need to disassemble the juicer (there is a separate section dedicated to guide you through the disassembly process) and rinse them thoroughly immediately after use and let them dry completely before assembling them again.

5. Juicing body cannot be tightened

Ensure that the Auger is correctly installed and has not been damaged.

6. Odor exhibited from the motor 

It is normal for there to be an odor during the initial usage of a motor. However, if there is still an odor after multiple usages, please contact our customer service. 

7. Vibration or unusual noise during juicing

The juicer and attachments may wobble due to vibrations from the Base or the hardness/ toughness of the ingredients. This is not a malfunction but a normal part of the Auger’s extraction process.

Noise or sound may occur naturally when juicing certain ingredients such as apples (due to apple skin), carrots, celery, or beets.

If the noise persists, check if the Auger and Juicing Body are properly installed in place. If it is not, it may cause friction during the process. Follow the installation instructions to reassemble the juicer.